Ga.Me Europe is a completely unique training company. We work with games that develop skills of individual participants in the safe environment of the game itself.

Training in the form of a game is not just fun, it is also an experience with the power to bring the team together, improve skills and abilities and align personal targets with the company ones. Thanks to the applied gaming principles, the players will experience various situations brining immediate results, whether we talk about business abilities training, creative brainstorming, or defining company strategy. We have prepared workshops based on board games, RPG team-buildings, personal coaching in the form of board games and other exciting stuff.

Jan Bureš

Co-founder of Ga.Me Europe, businessman, personal coach

“I always dreamt about combining company training with a game so that it is fun – and now my dream came true. As the gaming chief of Ga.Me Europe, I meet many interesting people every day, and I can pass my rich experience on to them in the form of a game.”

Helen Zubritska

Co-founder of Ga.Me Europe, businesswoman, business developer and personal coach.

“During my working career, I have built many successful companies in various fields of business. I know from experience that one of the most efficient forms to get new skills is through personal experience. Games that we offer in Ga.Me are the perfect tool. They are the ideal way to pass my abundant experience on […]