Genesis Life is a version of the Genesis game designed specifically for coaching. It is an ideal tool for complex work with the objective of the players in all aspects: resources, motivation, obstacles and relationships – both those that contribute to the goal and those that go against it.

Game simulates fulfilling the dream in the future, offers the opportunity to live through achieving the objective, and to become aware of the means to accomplish it.

Everything is life-like, the game will allow you to jump in the future. There is no mystery, it is just modelling and training..

Become aware of the aspects of your desire coming directly from you, those coming from your stereotypes, social expectation and those that come from your upbringing.

Became fully aware of your true desire that remained unexpressed.

Go through the ways to express yourself on the path to fulfil your desires (reaction to obstacles, adoption of help, awareness of resources, support), that are truly yours and yours only.

Identify obstacles and means to overcome them.

Get glimpse of the moment when your desire is fulfilled, when you finally realize you have achieved your goal.

Game consists of three levels that will allow you to see your dream in its complexity and to choose your priorities:

  • Actions
  • Emotions
  • Thoughts

Objective of the process is to increase awareness, and thus to identify and accept those aspects of your dream that come from within you.

At the end of the game the players choose the total of 7 cards from any and all levels, that made them become aware of something. This choice itself leads to integration of important aspects of your desire.

Purpose of the game

  • Game for detailed analyses of the dreams of the players, their objectives or possibilities they would prefer in the future.
  • Game can be used, according to your preferences or needs as:
    • Psychological consultation
    • Coaching
    • Self-development in your fee time
  • Exploration of the aspects of the specified goal.
  • Game can be also used to clarify the relationship between company and personal objectives, or in general, to clarify the relationship to the company vision. 

Result of the game

  1. The players will become aware of their relationship to their dreams or deepen their awareness. Execution becomes clearer. 
  2. Identification with the company vision or objectives through recognition of own personal goals.

number of players 1-4

game time4 – 8 hours depending on the number of participants


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