Genesis is a gaming (soft) method of working with your desires, dreams and objectives lacking clear definition, meaning, means of achievement, time of realization or understanding of how they might affect our lives (particularly opinions and self-confidence) when achieved.

One of potential results is also rejection of the desires, because, during the game, you may discover an important aspect that is so relevant RIGHT NOW that it may change the dream or lead to abandoning it altogether, for instance if there are no sufficient resources or meaning.

Gaming methods:

  • Division (conditioned classification) of the dream into four levels – actions, emotions, thoughts, life perspective. As result of this, the player will focus their attention to individual aspects:
    • What actions do I take?
    • What emotions fill my desire?
    • What thoughts are related to my desires?
    • Do I believe my dream is important enough/ Do I believe I have the right to fulfil my dream?
  • Intervention using cards from 8 packs. The objective is to create provocative or supportive questions (or situations). Through dealing with them, the player will become more aware of various aspects of their dream.

The objective of the process is to increase awareness, and through this, to get to understand and accept those aspects of your dream, that are truly “native” to the player..

At the end, players choose a number (7-9) cards that made them become aware something. The cards are selected from any and all of the 4 levels, and this choice itself leads to integration of important parts of your dream. In other words: here, the dream is defined, and these are the cards showing important personal aspects.

Purpose of the game

  • Game for detailed analysis of the player’s desire, their objectives or options the player would prefer in the future.
  • Game can be used, according to your preferences or need as:
    • Psychological consultation
    • Coaching
    • Self-development in your fee time
  • Exploration of the aspects of your personal choice. It may relate to personal or family life, work, change of residence, relationship, search for life energy or purpose.

Result of the game

  1. The players will become more aware of their relationship to the dream or deepen their awareness. Execution becomes clearer.

number of players 1-4

game time4 – 8 hours depending on the number of participants


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