Specification of company strategy, project, searching for a profitable business idea depending on the company objectives. Identification of new sales channels always requires team of professionals, attracting highly specialized experts and long hours of diligent work on each task. MatriX will take you through this process in the form of a game.

MatriX platform with the methodology of application provides the following opportunities:

  • Reduce the time of development of any strategy
  • Reduce financial costs of idea development
  • Quickly identify the work plan for performing the tasks
  • Create development program
  • Work with the occurrence of risks in each aspect of the project
  • Take a step back from boring and routine project work
  • Equip oneself for dynamic changes in the modern market

Purpose of the game

  • Help specify or identify the target group
  • You can create a unique sales proposal of the company, product or service for the target audience
  • Development of marketing, sales strategy, advertising
  • Development of a system to achieve the company development strategy for both short-term and long-term period
  • Brainstorming
  • Strategic negotiations
  • Creative meetings
  • Engaging employees in the development of new products or services of the company
  • Creative thinking development

Result of the game

  1. New customer segments, sales channels
  2. Ideas for product sales (based on unique sales offers)
  3. Personal or company brand promotion strategy
  4. Company culture development

number of players 1-4

game time3 – 5 hours both for individual and group work


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