Respect is a rhetorical tool. It is a variant of NetWorker allowing you to work with communication and self-development skills. It also develops the ability to widen and keep your circle of contacts.

Respect is useful for those who use any form of communication in their personal or business activities.

Thanks to its various, the game is convenient predominantly for employees in the field of sales, advertising and marketing, but HR and other employees throughout the company structure may benefit from it as well.

8 packs of cards will allow you to simulate any communication situation.

If your activities comprise negotiations, sales, or only communication during which you need to attract attention to a brand or advantages offered by the product, Respect is the best simulator to train and master communication skills.

Purpose of the game

  • Improving sel-presentation and brand presentation skills
  • Developing flexibility in dealing with objections, questions and conflict situations
  • Improving verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Developing open communication in your work team
  • Sales training
  • Preparation for negotiations
  • Employees recruitment and evaluation
  • Engaging employees in the development of scripts for sales of company products or services
  • Creating original conversational style

Result of the game

  1. Open communication with clients and colleagues
  2. Developed conversational scripts for sales employees tailored to individual characteristics (emotions, style, intonation, gestures, structure)
  3. Employees evaluation
  4. Achievement of the group goals

… and many others

number of players 4 – 8

game time3 – 4 hours can be used for both individual and group work


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