Objective of WStartUp is to create a complete vision of an idea, project or enterprise, that can be subsequently transformed to a specific business plan.

Game will help you view a new project or new products in the context of the market and work on possible ways to introduce new products or new company to the market.

Game does not focus on financial goals (costs, required revenue, etc.), rather it focuses on specific forms of introduction of the product to the market.

We recommend having a record-keeper for the game to record all the ideas. The ideas should then be evaluated with respect to financial demands and to the company goals.

Purpose of the game

  • Specification or identification of the target group
  • Development of communication scripts for the selected target group
  • Development of marketing or promotion
  • Search for new sales channels
  • Engaging employees in the development of new company products or services
  • Creative meeting – brainstorming
  • Strategic meetings regarding products promotion

Result of the game

  1. New customer segments and more accurate targeting
  2. Ideas for the product sales processes  
  3. New means of company products promotion
  4. Elaborating events attracting attention on social networks
  5. High-quality development of a business idea

number of players 4 – 12

game time3 – 4 hours both for individual and group work


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